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Charges Getting the best Arizona drug defense by a top criminal drug attorney should be a priority to your criminal case. You want a skilled Arizona lawyer who will develop a solid defense against your drug charges.

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A Strong Defense against an Arizona Drug Crime Charge
We use this approach with all types of drug crimes charges, from misdemeanors to felonies. Our cases have included those involving:

Possession of Drug Paraphernalia: Drug paraphernalia, includes items such as pipes, razor blades, or even plastic bags for marijuana.
Methamphetamines: Selling or manufacturing meth. In Arizona can result in state or federal charges, depending upon the amount of the drug involved and other factors.
Cocaine: Possession or sale of either powder or crack cocaine can lead to serious Arizona Felony charges.
Prescription Drugs: This can involve fake prescriptions, forged prescriptions, and attempts to have legitimate prescriptions filled at multiple pharmacies.
Possession with Intent to Sell: In Arizona, large amounts of any controlled substance or packing equipment may lead to a charge of drug possession with intent to sell.
Drug Importation and Transportation: Arizona and federal authorities are active at shipping centers such as UPS, DHL, U.S. Post Office, and Fedex. Criminal drug charges and related arrests in conjunction with sting operations at such facilities.

In your Arizona Drug charge we evaluate if there was any violation of search or seizure. If police conduct was illegal, your case should be dismissed or have the evidence suppressed. If the case cannot be dismissed we will work to negotiate a lower charge by contesting the amount of the controlled substance cited. We present compelling arguments and seek lesser penalties to securing reduced sentences for clients..

Phoenix, Drug Lawyer - AZ Drug crimes Laws

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