Arizona Marijuana Possession Laws
Arizona Marijuana (pot) Drug Offenses are the most common of all drug offenses in Arizona drug laws. Their frequency does not reduce their seriousness. If you are looking for an Arizona drug attorney that can give you the best results and gain your confidence, call us for a consultation.

Arizona Marijuana Laws ARS 13-3405

What are the Penalties for Possession of Marijuana in Arizona?
The Arizona Drug charge classification for a marijuana offense depends mostly on how much of the substance you are caught with.

If the amount of marijuana is:                          Then the potential sentence is:
Less than 2 pounds (not for sale)                      1 year in prison (Class 6 felony)

Between 2 and 4 pounds (not for sale)              1 ½ years in prison (Class 5 felony)

More than 4 pounds (not for sale)                      2 ½ years in prison (Class 4 felony)

Less than 2 pounds (intent to sell)                     2 ½ years in prison (Class 4 felony)

Between 2 and 4 pounds (intent to sell)            3 ½ years in prison (Class 3 felony)

More than 4 pounds (intent to sell)                    5 years in prison (Class 2 felony) 

Less than 2 pounds (that you produced)           1 ½ years in prison (Class 5 felony)

2-4 pounds (that you produced)                         2 ½ years in prison (Class 4 felony)

More than 4 pounds (that you produced)           3 ½ years in prison (Class 3 felony)

Less than 2 pounds (transporting into AZ)         3 ½ years in prison (Class 3 felony)

More than 2 pounds (transporting into AZ)        5 years in prison (Class 2 felony

In addition to prison time to your Arizona Marijuana drug sentencing, you will face large fines for your marijuana conviction. The minimum fine you will pay is $750. However, if the value of the marijuana you were caught with exceeds $750, your fine will equal 3 times that amount, not exceeding $150,000.

If your Arizona Marijuana drug charge is with possession only and not possession with intent to sell, you may be eligible for deferred prosecution on your case. Here, the deferred prosecution is not mandatory, your must be invited into the program by the prosecution. Then if you complete the program the charges against you may be dismissed upon approval by the court. However, if you violate this terms of the program, you face an Arizona Drug offense criminal conviction the exposed to the full range of sentence for your drug crime.

Many people view marijuana charges as minor. The Arizona law and the prosecution do not view it this way. You may be facing a life changing prison sentence for the marijuana you were caught with. It will impact your future, job, family, and freedom.

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An experienced Arizona marijuana drug attorney can fight to get you fair treatment in court and provide a strong defense to minimize the impact these drug charges can have on your life.

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