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Arizona Prescription Drug fraud cases are aggressively prosecutes in Arizona, including forged or fake prescriptions. If you are charged with an Arizona prescription drug fraud or getting investigated by the police, it is important to have an Arizona Drug Crime Lawyer who will protect your rights and defend you against the Drug charges.

The Arizona Drug Crimes Law Office of James Novak, helps people who have been charged with prescription drug abuse. The cases usually (not limited) involve drugs such as:

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It was just prescription drugs.
In Arizona, it has been my experience that most people who have become addicted to pain killers or other drugs are due to some previous injury or illness. They are charged with writing fraudulent prescriptions in order to get more medication. Whether you need the prescription drugs for pain, or selling them for money we will fight to protect your future and your freedom.

The Police want to speak to me without an Arizona Drug Crime Lawyer.
Often people who are being arrested or investigated for prescription drug crimes it is usually wise to decline being interviewed by the police. Speaking with an experienced drug crimes attorney can provide protection from the authorities and prevent you from harming your criminal defense.

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